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These lists are incomplete; I’m working to expand them.

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Current Courses

COMP1000 Web, Spreadsheets, and Databases (6u UG s1)
first offered 13s1; last offering 18s1?

COMP1400 Programming for Designers (6u UG s2)
last offering 18s2?

COMP1511 Programming Fundamentals (6u UG s1/s2)
formerly “Introduction to Programming”.
first offered 17s1, then s1+s2. replaces COMP1917.

COMP1521 Software Engineering Fundamentals (6u UG s1/s2)
first offered 17s2, then s1+s2. covers introductory o/s concepts. req COMP1511.

COMP1531 Software Engineering Fundamentals (6u UG s1/s2)
first offered 17s2, then s1+s2. new; replaces SENG1031. req COMP1511.

COMP1911 Computing 1A (6u UG s1)
a more gentle introduction to programming.

COMP2041 Software Construction (6u UG s2)
introductory unix wizardry. shells, pipelines, regexp, perl, python. highly recommended.

COMP2111 System Modelling and Design (6u UG s1)

COMP2121 Microprocessors and Interfacing (6u UG s1/s2)
redeveloped 17s2 after introduction of COMP1521.

COMP2511 Object-Oriented Design and Programming (6u UG s1/s2)
first offered 18s1, then s1+s2. replaces COMP2911. req COMP1531 COMP2521.

COMP2521 Data Structures and Algorithms (6u UG s1/s2)
first offered 17s2, then s1+s2. replaces COMP1927. req COMP1511.

COMP3121 Algorithms and Programming Techniques (6u UG s1)
COMP3821 Extended Algorithms and Programming Techniques (6u UG s1)
COMP9101 Algorithms and Programming Techniques (6u PGC s1)
COMP9801 Extended Algorithms and Programming Techniques (6u PGC s1)

COMP3131 Programming Languages and Compilers (6u UG s1)
COMP9102 Programming Languages and Compilers (6u PGC s1)
formerly “Parsing and Translation”, “Compiling Techniques and Programming Languages”
req COMP2911/COMP2511 (Java, design patterns)

COMP3141 Software System Design and Implementation (6u UG s1)

COMP3151 Foundations of Concurrency (6u UG s1)

gone… last offering 14s2?

offered 17s2

COMP3153 Algorithmic Verification (6u UG s1)
COMP9153 Algorithmic Verification (6u PGC s1)

COMP3161 Concepts of Programming Languages (6u UG s2)
COMP9161 Concepts of Programming Languages (6u PG s2)

COMP3211 Computer Architecture (6u UG s1)
COMP9211 Computer Architecture (6u PGC s1)

COMP3222 Digital Circuits and Design (6u UG s2)
COMP9222 Digital Circuits and Design (6u PGC s2)

COMP3231 Operating Systems (6u UG s1)
COMP3891 Extended Operating Systems (6u UG s1)
COMP9201 Operating Systems (6u PGC s1)
COMP9283 Extended Operating Systems (6u PGC s1)

COMP3311 Database Systems (6u UG s1)

COMP3331 Computer Networks and Applications (6u UG s1/2)
COMP9331 Computer Networks and Applications (6u PGC s1/s2)

COMP3411 Artificial Intelligence (6u UG s1)
COMP9414 Artificial Intelligence (6u PGC s1)
COMP9814 Extended Artificial Intelligence (6u PGC s1)

COMP3421 Computer Graphics (6u UG s2)
COMP9415 Computer Graphics (6u PGC s2)

COMP3431 Robotic Software Architecture (6u UG s2)
COMP9431 Robotic Software Architecture (6u PGC s2)

COMP3511 Human Computer Interaction (6u UG s2)
COMP9511 Human Computer Interaction (6u PGC s2)

COMP3601 Design Project A (6u UG s2)

COMP3901 Special Project A (6u UG s1/s2)
COMP3902 Special Project B (6u UG s1/s2)
one-off project courses, with dedicated academic oversight

COMP4121 Advanced and Parallel Algorithms (6u UG s2) first offering mid-90s as “Parallel Architectures and Algorithms”;
not offered 98s2..03s2,

COMP4128 Programming Challenges (6u UG/PGC s1)

COMP4141 Theory of Computation (6u UG s1)

COMP4161 Advanced Topics in Software Verification (6u UG s2)

COMP4336 Mobile Data Networking (6u UG s2)
COMP9336 Mobile Data Networking (6u PGC s2)

COMP4337 Securing Wireless Networks (6u UG s1)
COMP9337 Securing Wireless Networks (6u PGC s1)

COMP4418 Knowledge Representation (6u UG s2)

COMP4511 User Interface Design and Construction (6u UG/PGC s2)
last offered 12s1; revived in 18s1. req COMP2911, COMP3511.

COMP4601 Design Project B (6u UG s1)

COMP4904 Industrial Training 1 (6u UG s2)
COMP4905 Industrial Training 2 (6u UG s2)
COMP4906 Industrial Training 3 (6u UG s1)
SENG4906 Industrial Training 3 (6u UG s1)
SENG4907 Industrial Training 4 (6u UG s1)

COMP4930 Thesis Part A (6u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5920 Thesis Part A (6u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5950 Thesis Part A (6u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5960 Thesis Part A (6u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5970 Thesis Part A (6u UG s1/s2)

COMP4931 Thesis Part B (6u UG s1/s2)
COMP4941 Thesis Part B (12u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5921 Thesis Part B (6u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5951 Thesis Part B (6u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5961 Thesis Part B (6u UG s1/s2)
BIOM5971 Thesis Part B (6u UG s1/s2)

SENG4910 Thesis Part A (6u UG s1/s2)
SENG4911 Thesis Part B (6u UG s1/s2)
XXX what happened to the SENG thesis?

COMP6324 Internet of Things Services Engineering (6u? ? s1)
new in 18s1 with visiting expertise

COMP6441 Security Engineering and Cyber Security (6u UG/PGC s1)
COMP6841 Extended Security Engineering and Cyber Security (6u UG/PGC s1)
first offering 17s1; replaces COMP3441 and COMP9441. operated by the SecEDU joint venture between UNSW and CBA.

COMP6443 Web Application Security and Testing (6u UG/PGC s1)
COMP6843 Extended Web Application Security and Testing (6u UG/PGC s1)
first offering 17s2. operated by the SecEDU joint venture between UNSW and CBA.

COMP6445 Digital Forensics and Incident Response (6u UG/PGC s2)
COMP6845 Extended ) Digital Forensics and Incident Response (6u UG/PGC s2)
first offering 17s2. operated by the SecEDU joint venture between UNSW and CBA.

COMP6447 System and Software Security Assessment (6u UG/PGC s2)
first offering ??s?. operated by the SecEDU joint venture between UNSW and CBA.

COMP6448 Security Engineering Masterclass (6u UG/PGC)
first offering… eventually. lecturer-availability master class/workshop course. operated by the SecEDU joint venture between UNSW and CBA.

COMP6449 Security Engineering Professional Practice (6u UG/PGC s2)
first offering ??s?. operated by the SecEDU joint venture between UNSW and CBA.

COMP6714 Information Retrieval and Web Search (6u UG/PGC s2)

COMP6733 Internet of Things Design Studio (6u UG/PGC s2)

COMP6741 Parameterised and Exact Computation (6u UG/PGC s2)

COMP6752 Modelling Concurrent Systems (6u UG/PGC s1)
renumbered from COMP3152 in 14s1

COMP6771 Advanced C++ Programming (6u UG/PGC s2)
first offered 14s2, renumbered merge of COMP3171 and COMP9171
likely axed for 18s2

COMP9020 Foundations of Computer Science (6u PGC s1/s2)

COMP9021 Principles of Programming (6u PGC s1/s2)

COMP9024 Data Structures and Algorithms (6u PGC s1/s2)

COMP9032 Microprocessors and Interfacing (6u PGC s2)

COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems (6u UG/PGC s2)
Yes, that Advanced Operating Systems…

COMP9243 Distributed Systems (6u UG/PGC s1)

COMP9311 Database Systems (6u PGC s1/s2)
sometimes combined with COMP3311

COMP9313 Big Data Management (6u PGC s1/s2)

COMP9315 Advanced Database Management Systems (6u UG/PGC s1)

COMP9318 Data Warehousing and Data Mining (6u PGC s1/s2)

COMP9319 Web Data Compression and Search (6u PGC s1)

COMP9321 Data Services Engineering (6u PGC s1/s2)
formerly “Web Applications Engineering”; revised 18s1.

COMP9322 Software Service Design and Engineering (6u PGC s1/s2)
formerly “Service-Oriented Architectures”; revised 18s1.

COMP9323 e-Enterprise Project (6u PGC s1)
revised 18s1.

COMP9332 Network Routing and Switching (6u UG/PGC s1)

COMP9334 Systems Capacity Planning (6u PGC s1)

COMP9417 Machine Learning and Data Mining (6u PGC s1)
formerly “Machine Learning”

COMP9418 Advanced Machine Learning (6u PGC s2)

COMP9444 Neural Networks (6u UG/PGC s2)
COMP9844 Extended Neural Networks (6u UG/PGC s2)

COMP9447 Security Engineering Workshop (6u UG/PGC s2)

COMP9517 Computer Vision (6u UG/PGC s1/s2?)
formerly “Image Processing and Applications”

COMP9596 Research Project (6u PGC s1/s2)
COMP9912 Research Project (6u PGC s1/s2)
COMP9945 Research Project (6u PGC s1/s2)

COMP9900 Information Technology Project (6u PGC s1/s2)
first offered 17s2, then s1+s2. new “capstone project” course required by ACS.

COMP9901 Research Thesis CSE PT (PGR s1/s2)
COMP9902 Research Thesis CSE FT (PGR s1/s2)

BINF2010 Introduction to Bioinformatics (6u UG s2)

BINF3010 Bioinformatics Methods and Applications (6u UG s1)
BINF9010 Bioinformatics Methods and Applications (6u PGC s1)

BINF6111 Genome Informatics Engineering Design Workshop (6u UG/PGC s2)

ENGG1000 Introduction to Engineering Design and Innovation (6u UG s1/s2)
formerly “Engineering Design”; CSE component of faculty-wide engineering course

ENGG1811 Computing for Engineers (6u UG s1/s2)

GSOE9210 Engineering Decisions (6u PGC s2)

GSOE9220 Launching a Startup (6u PGC s1/s2)

SENG2011 Software Engineering Workshop 2A (6u UG s1)

SENG2021 Software Engineering Workshop 2B (6u UG s2)

SENG3011 Software Engineering Workshop 3 (6u UG s1)

Retired Courses

COMP0011 Fundamentals of Computing (6u UG)
“a superset of GENE8000.”
replaced in 13s1 by new COMP1000

COMP1001 Introduction to Computing (6u UG)
“Introductory concepts and basic skills training for competence with personal computers.”
vanished in 2004… looks like what COMP1000 is now.

COMP1011 Computing 1A (6u UG s1/s2)
“Defining problems. Reasoning about and solving problems using Logic, Abstraction, Specification, Algorithms and Data Structures”; but, “much of the material in COMP1011 has been moved to ENGG1000…“
last offering 05s2… presumably supplanted by 1911/1917

COMP1021 Computing 1B (6u UG)
“Introduction to procedural programming in an object-oriented language (Java)… algorithmic processes, data modelling, fundamental data structures and algorithms”
last offering 06s2/06x1… folded into COMP1911

COMP1081 Harnessing the Power of Information Technology (6u UG)
appeared ca. 2000; folded into ENGG1811 in around 2006

COMP1091 Solving Problems with Software and Tools (6u UG)
“Introduction to computers as workplace tools: operating systems, spreadsheets, databases, web searching and authoring, professional ethics in using computers.” 1091 appeared ca. 2000; 1021 ??.

COMP1711 Computing 1A++ (6u UG s1)
richardb-style extended COMP1011.
last offering 05s1… presumably supplanted by 1911/1917

COMP1721 Computing 1B++ (6u UG s2)
presumably extended COMP1021.
last offering 05s2… presumably supplanted by 1921/1927

COMP1917 Computing 1 (6u UG s1/s2)
two distinct versions of this course exist: one by richardb and one by blair.
last offering 16s2. replaced by COMP1511 in 17s1

COMP1921 Computing 1B (6u UG s2)
last offering 16s2.

COMP1927 Computing 2 (6u UG s1/s2)
replaced by COMP2521 in 17s2

COMP2011 Computing 1B (6u UG s1/s2)
COMP2011 Data Organisation (6u UG s1/s2)
“Data types and data structures: abstractions and representations; dictionaries, priority queues and graphs; AVL trees, splay trees, B-trees, heaps.”; offered with COMP1921
last offering 06s2… presumably folded into 1921

COMP2091 Computing 1B (6u UG s1/s2)
offered with COMP1921
last offering 06s2… presumably folded into 1921

COMP2021 Digital System Structures (6u UG s1/s2)
“Digital Systems: switches and gates, boolean algebra, minimisation techniques, combinational and sequential design, timing analysis, finite state machines; analysis, design and realisation of modest digital subsystems, understanding major subsystems in a model computer… assembly language programming”
last offering 05s2… presumably supplanted by 2121

COMP2110 Software System Specification (6u UG s1?)
“Formal specification: set theory, logic, schema calculus, case studies: the Z specification notation.”
last offering 04s1… presumably supplanted by 2111

COMP2411 Logic and Logic Programming (6u UG s1?)
“Introduction to logic for computer scientists: an elementary exposition of prepositional logic and predicate logic from a computational point of view…“
last offering 04s1…

COMP2711 Data Organisation (6u UG s1/s2)
last offering 06s2… folded into COMP1921 and COMP2911

COMP2811 Computing B (6u UG s1?)
last offering 00s2…

COMP2911 Engineering Design in Computing (6u UG s1)
last ever offering; replaced by COMP2511 in 17s2

COMP2920 Professional Issues and Ethics (6u UG s2)
COMP9015 Professional Issues and Ethics (6u PGC s2)
finally killed in ~12s1… looks folded into 4920 now.

COMP3111 Software Engineering (6u UG s1)
COMP9008 Software Engineering (6u PGC s1)
“Informal specification… A major group project is undertaken”
last offering 07s1?

COMP3120 Introduction to Algorithms (6u UG s2)
COMP9101 Introduction to Algorithms (6u PGC s2)
“Design and algorithms using divide-and-conquer, greedy, inductive, parallel and systolic strategies”
only offering 01s2… 9101 now for Algos3231

COMP3152 Modelling Concurrent Systems (6u UG s1)
renumbered to COMP6752 in 14s1

COMP3171 Object-Oriented Programming (6u UG s2)
COMP9171 Object-Oriented Programming (6u PGC s2)
first offered 07s2; replaced by COMP6771 in 14s2

COMP3221 Microprocessors and Embedded Systems (6u UG s1/s2)
COMP9221 Microprocessors and Embedded Systems (6u PGC s1/s2)
“The concept of a microprocessor system, busses, address spaces, memory devices, bus timing, bus standards, the VME bus, I/O device interfacing, polling, interrupts, DMA interfaces, the 68000 processor family, the C programming language, device drivers, the device driver software environment, other microprocessors, advanced topics”
first offered mid-90’s… last offered 05s2… bumped to COMP3222

COMP3241 Real-Time Systems (6u UG s1/s2)
COMP9245 Real-Time Systems (6u PGC s2)
first offered 05s2… last offered 08s2… gone?

COMP3441 Security Engineering (6u UG s1)
COMP9441 Security Engineering (6u PGC s1)
last offering 16s1; replaced by COMP6441 and COMP6841 in 17s1.

COMP3710 Software Project Management (6u UG s2)
“This course introduces various aspects of software project management…“
first offered 00s2, killed 01s2, replaced by COMP3711

COMP3711 Software Project Management (6u UG s2)
first offered 05s2, run to 08s2, merged with INFS2848 09s2..11s2; now gone.

COMP3721 Total Quality Management (6u UG s1)
“This course introduces elements of statistical methods underlying quality management in the context of software development…“

COMP4001 Object Oriented Systems Development (6u UG s1)
“This course will cover object-oriented design and implementation methods for complex software systems…“
first offered mid-90’s… last offered 12s1, now gone

COMP4003 Industrial Software Development (6u UG s1)
first offered 05s1… gone 06s3.

COMP4012 Cryptographic Approaches to Distributed Systems Security (6u UG S2)

COMP4111 Distributed Object Systems (6u UG s2)
only offering 00s2, gone

COMP4131 Programming Language Semantics (6u UG s2)
only offered 99s2 and 01s2; gone, though probably in COMP3131/3141/3161

COMP4132 Advanced Functional Programming (6u UG s2)
only offered 02s1, 03s1, 04s1; gone.

COMP4133 Advanced Compiler Construction (6u UG s1)
only offered 03s1, 04s1; gone.

COMP4151 Algorithmic Verification (6u UG s1)
only offered 04s1, 05s1, 06s1, 06s3; gone.

COMP4181 Language-based Software Safety (6u UG s2)
COMP9181 Language-based Software Safety (6u PGC s2)
chak teaches type systems. retired after chak left UNSW.

COMP4211 Advanced Architectures and Algorithms (6u UG s1)
first offering 02s1, last offering 06s3; gone, probably folded into 4121

COMP4411 Experimental Robotics (6u UG s1/s2?)
“Artificial intelligence concepts in robotics.”
first offered 99s1, last offering 11s1, killed 17s1

COMP4412 Introduction to Modal Logic (6u UG s2)
first offered 01s2, last offering 05s2; gone.

COMP4415 Artificial Intelligence Foundations (6u UG s1)
“First order logic, soundness and completeness, compactness, and non-monotonic reasoning.”

COMP9102 Algorithms and Programming Techniques (6u PGC s2)
renumbered to 9101; 9102 now for PL&C 3131.

COMP9116 Software Development with B-Method and B-Toolkit (6u? UG/PGC s2)
“The B-Method is a rigorous mathematically based method for the development of reliable software. The method covers the complete software cycle from requirements analysis through specification, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, and re-use.”
last offering 14s2…

COMP9231 Integrated Digital Systems (6u? PGC s2)
“Integrated circuit logic families with emphasis on MOS technologies, structured chip design…“

COMP9416 Knowledge-Based Systems (6u PGC s2)

COMP9514 Advanced Decision Theory (?u ?? s1?)
can only find it on morri’s homepage.

COMP9519 Multimedia Authoring and Cooperative Agents (6u PGC s2)

COMP9790 Principles of GNSS Positioning (6u UG/PGC)
“This course will introduce the student to reference coordinate systems and time systems, satellite orbital motion, signal propagation and satellite tracking observables”
equiv GMAT4900; now gone

COMP9791 Modern Navigation and Positioning Technologies (6u UG/PGC)
“This course presents an overview of the various satellite-based and non-satellite navigation technologies and some of their applications…“
equiv GMAT4910; now gone

BINF1001 Bioinformatics 1
last offering 14s2…

BINF2001 Bioinformatics 2
last offering 08s2…

BINF3001 Bioinformatics 3
last offering 08s2…

SENG1031 Software Engineering Workshop 1 (6u UG s2)
replaced by COMP1531

Future Courses

COMP3900 Computer Science Project (6u UG s1/s2)
first offered 18s2, then s1+s2. new “capstone project” course required by ACS.
likely run in the same way COMP9900 will be.