Welcome to my Wiki! (If you’re looking for the rest of my website, head to jashankj.space or cse.jashankj.space.)

What’s here?

Things I like:


Drafts and semi-permanent homes of a bunch of scribblings, rants, and hints, mostly derived from teaching… sometimes it graduates to my blog, but until then:


Oddments that don’t really fit anywhere else:


This wiki used to be hosted on CSE; it wasn’t much like other Wikis there, which all used MoinMoin, which I consider to be badly broken and mostly unusable. I wrote my own Wiki engine, jwiki, which uses cmark and libgit2, but ran into its lack of dynamism. Its code is still available in case someone is foolish enough to try using it.

I have since switched to IkiWiki, the static wiki generator. I’ll probably wind up switching again soon, when I next overhaul my website(s).