Welcome to my Wiki! (If you’re looking for the rest of my website, head to jashankj.space or cse.jashankj.space.)

What’s here?

  • things that I like: music, books, and television
  • drafts and semi-permanent homes of a bunch of scribblings, rants, and hints… sometimes it graduates to my blog.


… wherein I write some words that document something


… wherein I write some words that explain something

Angry Rants

… wherein I write some words that vent my fury about something


  • I’m collecting assorted UNSW and CSE trivia
  • notes on the 2017NewCore
  • a (currently incomplete) list of all CSE Courses, ever…


This wiki used to be hosted on CSE; it wasn’t much like other Wikis there, which all used MoinMoin, which I consider to be badly broken and mostly unusable. I wrote my own Wiki engine, jwiki, which uses cmark and libgit2, but ran into its lack of dynamism. Instead, I switched to IkiWiki, the static wiki generater.